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Kerstin is a dress inspired by female forms and has a beautiful v-shaped neckline both front and back. Nice flattering fit in soft jersey fabric with a bust cut and defined waist. Of course it has front pockets. The length of the dress is one of our longest and goes to the calf. The shape of the sleeve is slightly flared for a bell shape and is half length to just above the elbow.

Kerstin is a dress from our own collection and is designed here in Visby by our own Sara Högblom. The dress is designed with Sara's grandmother Inez's sister Kerstin in mind, who liked to dress up fancy and flamboyant for everyday life and parties. Designed by Sara Högblom - garment, fit and the wonderful fabric print Bluestune red. The design is inspired from the 40s and 50s and exudes a nice retro romance.


Kerstin has a nice v-shaped neckline both front and back that goes well with stylish necklaces. Bust cutouts to optimize the fit and practical front pockets that run in line with the bust cutouts. The length goes to the calf and the fit of the dress is tight at the top with a flared skirt fit. The skirt part is exposed from the bodice down. The sleeve length goes down to just above the elbow and is slightly flared for a bell shape.

Please contact us if you cannot find the right size. We have our own production and are therefore very flexible - if the fabric is at home, we can quickly sew up what you want! Usually, we have a delivery time for special orders of around 2 weeks. Sometimes faster!

For sizes XS and 3XL, we accept orders via e-mail, as we do not have them as standard in the basic range.

Email us at: info@estherinez.se for requests, we'll see what we can arrange.

Materials and washing instructions

We sew the Kerstin dress in an incredibly comfortable jersey consisting of 95% organic cotton 5% elastane. We produce both fabric and print in Turkey. Naturally organic and GOTS-certified.

When you wash your dress, we recommend 40 degrees and hang drying. We also recommend that you use an environmentally friendly detergent and refrain from using fabric softener. Avoid tumble drying as it shrinks the garment more and also requires a greater amount of energy. Shake out the garment thoroughly before hanging it on a hanger or washing line to make it as smooth as possible so you don't have to iron the garment. Keep in mind that it is often enough to air a garment before it needs to be washed, so you save on the environment and your clothes last longer.

Shrinkage 3-5% in the first wash.



Yes, we mean that clothes need to make you happy for a long time. You need to continue to feel nice and comfortable in them, and be able to trust that the clothes will retain their fit and color strength.


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