About us

On the magical island of Gotland, in the middle of the Hanseatic city of Visby, is our shop and sewing production. Specifically at St Hansgatan 26. Here we design sustainable fashion for all bodies. Here we create our own fabric patterns in lovely colors and it is also here that we sew our clothes. Being able to produce clothes that you want, can use often and can love for a long time to come, as locally produced as possible and in the most durable materials possible. That is what is at the core of our business here at Esther & Inez.



Sustainable fashion with joy in focus

We design clothes to make you happy - by giving your wardrobe, and the world, a little more color and by creating clothes for all body types and sizes. We hope you love them as much as we do!

We make our clothes in sustainable materials and we print our fabrics digitally with organic colors. When it's time to produce clothes from our fantastic fabrics, we do it on site in our sewing production here in Visby. More locally produced than that is hard to come by.

But, to really be able to say that fashion is sustainable, more is needed than using organic materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. For a piece of clothing to be durable, you have to use it for more than just one season. Or that you throw the garment away when the trends change. That's why we create clothes that both last to be used many, many times and design for a slow fashion and not trends.

Here you can read more about our environmental work .


Why Esther & Inez in particular?

Esther & Inez are names we wear with pride. These are names that for us stand for heritage and tradition and that represent our values.

"Ester was my dads mother and Inez was my moms mother. Both were strong and independent women who in their own ways overcame the difficulties they faced. They were different in many ways, but they also had several things in common; strength and determination, independence and the ability to direct their own lives instead of just settling.”

Sara Högblom, founder, designer and CEO at Esther & Inez

The names also lives on in Sara's family. Her daughter is named Ester and both Sara and daughter Ester's middle name is Inez. And they carry on the tradition of strong women - not just through the names.

“To me, these names personify the true definition of female strength. The necessity of being able to control the direction of one's life and that everything is possible if you decide. That's how I live my life.”

Sara Högblom, founder, designer and CEO at Esther & Inez


The story behind Esther & Inez

Esther & Inez started with one person – Sara Högblom. So, who is Sara then?

I've always had a clear direction in my life, with dreams that I turned into goals to reach, and I don't believe in putting things off until tomorrow, but live here and now.

Sara Högblom, founder, designer and CEO at Esther & Inez


In Sara's life, the love for clothes has always been present. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but sewing is in the genes - grandmother Inez worked as a seamstress. The passion for clothes has marked the course of Sara's life. Like Grandma Esther, she moved away from home at a young age, but not because of challenging home circumstances. The high school Sara wanted to attend was in a different city than the one she lived in.

The desire to learn new things has continued to take Sara to new schools and cities around the country. And even Sara's professional career shows her curiosity. She has worked with everything from tailoring, theater and musical productions, to senior pattern construction and grading within one of the world's largest clothing brands.

Seven years ago, Sara packed up her family and moved to the wonderful, magical and creative island of Gotland. And it was then that the seed of Esther & Inez began to grow.

"It was the move to the island that set things in motion and I took the first step in one of my dreams, to start my own business. And now my dream has come true! With Esther & Inez, I get to create slow fashion that really highlights and praises the female body in all its forms."

Sara Högblom, founder, designer and CEO at Esther & Inez


Do you want to work with us?

We are always looking for new talent, and maybe you can be one of those we are looking for? We also take in interns on a regular basis. Please send us an email at info@estherinez.se with your CV and we will be in touch!