Towards "production on demand"

Since we have our production in the shop, we can already produce small quantities today. We usually only sew up our garments in one copy per size. In this way, we can produce according to demand and be very flexible in which models we sew and so on. This means that we rarely have to get rid of clothes that we have already sewn up. If a size is missing or if you want a garment in a different fabric than what we have sewn up, it can therefore often be arranged. And because we sew on site in the shop, it often goes quickly. Fast slow fashion.

In the future, however, the goal is to move more and more to "production on demand". This means that we only produce the garment after you have placed your order. Something that would lead to us not having any overproduction at all.

We will also work more and more to involve you as a customer when we design our clothes. So that our range will suit you as well as possible. Do you have any thoughts about our models, something you are missing or would like to change? Don't hesitate to tell us! We love that kind of feedback because it helps us be better for you.