Climate tips for clothing lovers

No one can do everything but everyone can do something as they say. And that's right. None of us can save the climate by ourselves. However, we can do what we can to reduce our negative impact - our footprint on the climate. We have therefore compiled some tips for you as a private individual and clothing lover.

Consume climate smartly

  • Avoid over-consuming products and take advantage of what you have in the first place. Good for both the climate and the wallet.
  • Love and care for your clothes as long as you can. And only buy what you really want and are sure you will use.
  • Shop locally and make environmentally friendly choices . Choose products that are marked with e.g. Good environmental choices, are made in ecological materials and/or products to support the transition to a better future as recycled materials.

Climate-smart clothing care

  • Avoid washing your clothes. Focus on airing the garments as long as possible. You can e.g. ventilate the bathroom when you shower. The steam helps clean the garment and makes the garment hang out and become less wrinkled. When the weather is good, you can air the garment outside. But keep it in the shade to avoid sun bleaching the colors.
  • Do not iron unnecessarily . Rather hang your clothes in the bathroom in connection with the shower. So that the steam and heat help to smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Run on eco programs and low temperatures when you wash, which saves our energy.
  • Use environmentally friendly detergents and skip the fabric softener so that we minimize chemicals in our environment. In this way, you minimize the emissions of chemicals. And also saves energy and raw materials that are used for the production of the product. If you want the clothes to smell, you can rather put some dried flowers or scent balls in the wardrobe instead.
  • When your garment breaks , make sure to repair it so that its lifespan is as long as possible. Repair it yourself or send it in for repair. In our store in Visby, we are happy to receive your clothes and can make them for you.

And when you no longer want your garment:

  • Donate it to charity or resell it through groups on Facebook, Tradera , Sellpy or whatever suits you best. Let the garment live on with a new owner who will love and care for it.
  • Recycle and sort your waste as much as possible. Hand it in to places where you know the material will be taken care of in a good way. So that it doesn't just burn up.