Three services for a circular economy

Our main goal is to become circular. That is to say, create a cycle where our products are primarily reused. Alternatively, the material is recycled. And in the absolute last resort, the material becomes energy. You can read more about circular economy at the Nature Conservation Association or Wikipedia . We are working hard to get started with a circular offer in the form of three different services:

    Already now, as I said, we can fix your clothes in the store. In the future, we also want to offer a service where you can send your damaged garments to us. And get them all back again.

    Imagine you have your favorite pair of jeans, the ones you've worn until they almost fall apart. You probably have great memories with those jeans. Our goal is to offer an opportunity where you send your garment to us. And we redesign it into something else for you.

    Sometimes it happens that you no longer want to keep your garment, maybe it no longer fits. Then in the future we want to offer you the opportunity to sell the garment on through us. So that another of Esther & Inez's friends can have the opportunity to love the garment.